Friday, June 10, 2011

A Humbling Thought

Last night, while enjoying a suspenseful little league playoff game I had a humbling experience. We all knew the storm was coming. We kept watching the cloud line coming closer and closer. Around the third inning, the air changed and the wind picked up and it was time. The coaches said, "we need to get the kids off the field." I looked up to the clouds and saw, in the distance, a funnel like cloud forming. "Oh Shit" was all I could think. Then, I went right to thinking about my kids. I only had one with me. My little one was at my friend's house and my oldest was at dance class. We were only 10 minutes away from each other but that was 10 minutes too much in my mind. I just wanted them with me and for us to be home.

As we hurriedly packed up, I kept an eye on that cloud. Thankfully it dissipated even before the actual storm started. We got to the car and waited, watching all the other cars leaving. Then we got the okay that the game was officially off and we left. Frankie and I got to Rebecca as the rain came down and the lightening struck. Don was on his way to Rachel.

We work so hard to be good parents, to provide the experiences they need and to try and cut the cord, little by little, when it's warranted. We protect them and nurture them but sometimes, things are just out of our control. If that cloud came down and became a tornado, could I have protected them? Could I have even gotten to them all? I'll never know the answer to that and it is a bit frightening. It is hard to accept that some things are just out of our hands.

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