Monday, August 8, 2011

Where has the summer gone?

Summer really has been crazy for everyone. All my friends have (at least once) complained that the kids are driving them crazy or they haven't stopped running around. Here we are approaching mid August and I feel like I haven't kicked back, put my feet up and enjoyed the summer.

Part of that is because we've had a new addition to the family - Bruno. He's a 6 or 7 year old shih zhu mix. We adopted a rescue dog that was a 3 year old shih zhu who was good with kids and other dogs. Well, that's not what jumped out of the car when he got here. He was a big (26lbs) hairy, sick mess who doesn't like other dogs. After 5 medications a really good haircut (thanks Petco) and a really good trainer (thanks Rich) we now have a cutie pie. Having Bruno in the house has definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone. But hopefully, I'll be coming back soon.

I approached the idea of summer thinking we would go to the beach all the time, sleep in, laugh all the time, no stress, I would lose weight with all the swimming and playing, and the kids would love being with each other. We would get a new dog that would be Sammy's best friend and they would be so happy that I wouldn't feel bad when I left them to go to work when September came.

Then REALITY set in: Having Rachel at theater camp at 8:50 (20 mins away), baseball practice, a failed camp attempt, kids fighting, a hairy beast(see above), no weight lose because I haven't really been swimming, stress, bags under the eyes from running the kids here and there.

And, you know what? I wouldn't change a thing! : )

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